06 January, 2009

Last full day in Washington for a while.

I probably won't have internet access for a few days (at least until I move into my apartment) so I figured I should probably write another entry now. I have a webcam and Skype so if anyone wants to IM me, Skype me, or anything, just go for it. I had ages of fun today waving at Jessica on a little screen.

It's strange to think that I won't be back here for three months. When I first moved to DC, I absolutely hated it. I mean, of course, I had been torn from my home, from Brooklyn, and brought to this place where everyone was unfamiliar, unkind, strange and the city was so clean and filled with white marble. And yet, now that the time comes to leave, at least for a little bit, I'm not entirely happy to be gone. I've built up a circle of friends here, friendships that will (one would certainly hope) sustain a three-month absence. And it isn't just that. I'm attached to the place itself, and I think that more than anything will be hard to shake.

I would also like to know what people would like me to bring back for them. I already promised Jessica shortbread (and possibly an Earl.)

1 comment:

  1. I totally want an Earl :-) I would be an awesome Duchess. I had fun waving at you too.