10 January, 2009

Tomorrow is another day.

I moved my things into my flat today. I didn't actually see any of my flatmates; I kind of just dropped my bags off in my room, made my bed, and ran back outside. The lift is broken, apparently, which means that you have however many people lugging big bags up several flights of stairs. I'm only on the second floor (which would be the third floor in America) so now I have no excuse not to take the stairs--i.e., like in Hughes when every time the elevator doors opened Jess and I took it as a sign from God that He didn't want us to take the steps.

It's not that small, but the hallway is pretty narrow. My bedroom is slightly bigger than the one at Nebraska, and the kitchen's bigger, but the living room's a bit smaller. There's also five people living in this space, myself included. Two bathrooms, which, in my opinion, is wonderful--people who take showers are no longer inconveniencing the rest of the flatmates.

I go outside, up a flight of steps and down the road and I'm on South Bridge, or Chambers Street, or one of the other main roads. There are literally five supermarkets within a few feet of each other, but none of them had plasticwear. I did find this place called Pound-Saver that sold solid steel cutlery for like 3 pounds, but I'm going to wait and see if I can live off of plastic for a while. I haven't found a Chinese take-away nearby, though there is one by the hotel, I suspect I'll have to ask the local residents.

Moving in, I met three American (not from AU, but from the country) girls, one of whom lives on my floor. I get the feeling that there are a lot of international students in Kincaid's Court, but I could be wrong.

My dad's leaving tomorrow, and I'm a little overwhelmed. But I'm thinking of taking some sort of day trip next weekend (to Melrose Abbey, maybe), and going food shopping tomorrow night, so I'll be all ready when I come back from classes on Monday.

I passed a comic book store today selling a Dalek action figure, the Dr Who sonic screwdriver, a Toclafane, and the Master's laser screwdriver. Needless to say, I was heartily comforted by these familiar objects. I may also buy a few to send home to my fellow Whovians back at American University.

Tomorrow's orientation day. Four and a half hours of wandering round the U of E campus. Tonight there's an informal pizza party in the Student Union building (if you look at my photo album on my FB, it's the building that looks a bit like Hogwarts) but I think I'm only going to stay for an hour. I don't drink so the bar portion doesn't attract me, and I'm awful at forced social events. Also, Scotland + Pizza=?

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